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August 26, 2007

Another feed problem

For reasons I'm not sure you're interested in, I've created a "pipe" at Yahoo for my site feed. I don't know whether you noticed today, but if you'd looked at my "Newest Posts at Pillage Idiot" below any permalinked post, you'd have seen that all ten newest posts were Thursday's "Tending the Lawn."

I did some testing, and something is messed up with the pipe. It looks fine to me on the surface, but it's not showing any newer posts. Until I figure out the problem, I'm reverting to my RSS feed.

For most of you, those who visit the site directly, this won't matter at all, and you'll notice nothing.

For those of you who subscribe to the feed, it might appear odd at first.

And for those of you who receive my Daily Pillagemail, I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow's email isn't what you expect. It may be a whole bunch of posts you've already seen. In any case, I'm working on it.

My personal guess is that nothing I do will make any difference, and that it will be fixed by Yahoo without my intervention, leaving me puzzled but relieved. Stay tuned.