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August 15, 2007

Tech support

I feel your pain, buddy.

These days, it isn't enough to get your kid his own system to keep from screwing up yours. You have to do the maintenance too. For me, this means monthly sessions at each PC in the house, removing unused applications, updating virus definitions, purging spyware, and maybe defragging the drive for good measure. It is a pain, but in return I get a solemn promise that no one installs anything on the family's primary (read "my") system.
Last week, I had to get a Trojan off the kids' computer. (For you Luddites, a Trojan is a variety of computer virus, not a . . . not a . . . well, it's not what you think.) This meant researching the solution online, downloading some mysterious program, and doing the usual rub-my-head-pat-my-tummy stuff in safe mode that the solution called for.

I love my kids, but why can't they do my tech support instead of the other way around?