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August 29, 2006


Still lazy hard at work on other things.

Here's my somewhat eclectic linkfest:

1. Mary Katharine Ham reviews the bidding on why people don't trust the media. (via Instapundit.) [UPDATE: Link fixed.]

2. Real headline: "Delta uses Attila to reduce fuel costs." Fill in your joke here. No flatulence humor permitted.

3. Bryan at Hot Air posts video from CNN in which Kyra Phillips's bathroom chatter is broadcast on top of Bush's speech. I couldn't catch everything she said, but I suspect it would have been worse if it had been Anderson Cooper. [UPDATE: An update at Hot Air now links to a transcript of the bathroom conversation. As a friend notes, this will make future family get-togethers a little uncomfortable.] [UPDATE: Suppose Cynthia McKinney, and not Kyra Phillips, had been overheard in the bathroom.]

4. Matt Cerrone at Metsblog writes about a proposal to name the Mets' new stadium after Jackie Robinson, and half a gazillion commenters go nuts.

5. In the Washington Post, Dana Milbank writes about an event at which the dynamic duo of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, of "The Israel Lobby" fame, spoke before an organization that, of course, never would try to advocate for a cause. In this case the cause (terrorism and terrorism fellow-traveling) is actually antithetical to American interests.

6. A new member of the group at Kesher Talk defends KinkyJews, which had been the subject of some jokes by other bloggers at KT. His defense, though serious, is misguided. The comments toss about references to Jewish p*rn stars, and someone feels the need to try to elevate the discussion. Would you believe it's me? I make the Jewish case for sexuality within marriage as a means of making a morally neutral act holy. ("You shall be holy, for I, the Lord, your God, am holy.")

7. A writer at Slate explains her issues with Conservative Judaism. (via The Volokh Conspiracy) I have some of the same issues, but the article is not entirely satisfying, and it makes a couple of mistakes and oversimplifications. Still, since I've been unwilling to write my own, I link it now.

8. Maryland blogger David Wissing of The Hedgehog Report (who, for some inexplicable reason, is not a member of the Maryland Blogger Alliance) lists some searches that led people to his site. Like "toilets flushing the wrong direction" and my favorite, "pulchritude possesses soley cutaneous profundity." I can identify. (hat tip: Soccer Dad)