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August 31, 2006

If Cynthia McKinney, and not Kyra Phillips, had been heard over the mic in the bathroom

Unidentified woman: [unintelligible] ASSHOLES!

Cynthia McKinney: Sheeeyit, yeah, the Jews!

Unidentified woman: [unintelligible] campaign contributions.

Cynthia McKinney: Damn Jews, pourin' that money in from New York for that man Hank. No brotha's gonna get that kinda gelt himself.

Unidentified woman: Gotta find the right kinda brotha, right?

Cynthia McKinney: Damn, yeah. Like my brother.

Unidentified woman: But your brother [unintelligible].

Cynthia McKinney: Yeah, my brother's protective. And my dad. But my cousin, I gotta protect him. He's married, three kids, but his wife's a Jew.

Voice: Cynthia?

Cynthia McKinney: Yeah, sister?

Voice: Your mic is on. Turn it off. It's on the air.

Cynthia McKinney: You f---in' with me, girl?

Voice: You're on the air, Cynthia.

Cynthia McKinney: F---in' Jews, always settin' me up.

(With apologies to Jeff Goldstein, who does these things much better.)

NOTE: Video here, transcript here.

UPDATE: Hot Air now has video from Letterman with Kyra Phillips giving her Top Ten excuses for the glitch. Number 5 is precariously close to the McKinney punchline. Kyra: "I was set up by those bastards at Fox News."