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August 09, 2006

Doctored photo of Lebanese woman?

I've found another oddity among the photos coming out of Lebanon. Remember the photos of the wailing Lebanese woman? Some have questioned whether these photos -- and the captions accompanying them -- are legit. (For details, see Riehl World View, Drinking from Home, and The Jawa Report.)

Here's one well known photo of her.

Well, I've found the original of this photo, I think.

Ha, ha! Only kidding. Here's the original of the photo.

Here are links to two previous doctored photos I've found.

Possibly related: LGF has a photo from a guy who's even worse with Photoshop than I am.

UPDATE: Allah thinks the photo at LGF isn't photoshopped: "I really hope I’m wrong with this latest debunking, though. Because now that it’s been on Drudge, if it turns out it’s not a photoshop, we’re going to look like the biggest bunch of cranks this side of a Loose Change convention."