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August 23, 2006

Almost an award

I've been considered for a blog award only once, and it was through self-nomination, which kind of takes the glory out of it. But I have to say that what has just happened is far better than finishing seventh out of 14 in the 2004 Weblog Awards for "dregs of the blogosphere" or whatever category we cellar-dwellers were in.

This is technically not an award, but The Hatemongers' Quarterly has just recommended Pillage Idiot, along with six others, in its annual list of "Darn Good 'Weblogs' Outside the Beaten Path."

The Hatemongers' Quarterly is a highly deserving "weblog" and has been on my blogroll since almost time immemorial. And since THQ must have appallingly bad taste if it thinks Pillage Idiot is "darn good," I'm sure you, dear readers, will love THQ. Please go there and say hi to "Chip."