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June 07, 2006

Yet another new member of the Maryland Blogger Alliance

We'd like to welcome The Not So Free State to the Maryland Blogger Alliance. In the comments to Free State Comment's post on the Maryland blogosphere, Aaron Brazell, who runs TNSFS, describes himself as paleo-con, which means that the Alliance is mature enough at the advance membership of six to have differences of opinion. I think that's a good thing.

In a post at TNSFS, Aaron suggests that I think he's a leftist. Actually, the political differences I was thinking of were between those of us who lean neo-con and paleo-cons like him. Go to his platform, and you'll see some issues on which he and I disagree.

But, you know what, even if he were a leftist, he'd be welcome here, as are Free State Comment and all its Maryland friends on the Left.