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June 01, 2006

fee simple: No Photos Allowed - No Jacket Required

Posted by Fee Simple.

Life Site News reports that Germany has banned all journalists from photographing or videotaping within the city's drive-in brothel zone, threatening prosecution for failure to heed the warning.

* * *

SKF spokeswoman Anne Rossbach referred to the area as a "social project", saying it was not a tourist scheme. The fenced-off compound contains garage-type structures known as "performance boxes", where clients can drive in and meet waiting prostitutes. The city of Cologne funds the project with some 480,000 Euros per year.

Just prior to the media ban, prostitutes were complaining about business interruptions and lost clients due to the media presence.
* * *

Let's see if I can understand the quote logic unquote of the Cologne city authorities.

The brothel zone isn't a public area so photography of sex there is prohibited but the area is open to everyone who wants to have sex as long as they bring a car and leave their camera at home.

This story also raises a few questions:

1) Under the Supreme Court's Kelo decision, could private property in America be seized under eminent domain for the public purpose of a Cologne-type "performance zone"?

2) If people have to be in cars while having sex in such a zone, would Department of Transportation rules on High Occupancy Vehicles apply?

3) If people are being "serviced" while their cars are in "garages" would Jiffy Lube be a good corporate sponsor of such zones?

4) Why does sex with prostitutes have to be subsidized with 480,000 Euros? Without the governmental subsidy is there a risk that prostitute-sex will somehow disappear? Would that be a bad thing?

5) If people want to have sex with prostitutes in cars, but are without a car (and obviously without sex as well or this whole issue would be irrelevant) will the Cologne city government also provide subsided cars? If so, then more corporate sponsors could be lined up from among the rental car companies: "Sex so good it Hertz"; "Avis: We Try Harder."