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June 04, 2006

Putting the Maryland Blogger Alliance on the map

I would like to welcome The Sun Lies as the newest member of the Maryland Blogger Alliance. TSL focuses on misreporting in the Baltimore Sun. Please check it out. (MBA membership list will be updated shortly.)

TSL found us through a post on Free State Comment, a lefty (*cough* progressive) blog in Maryland, whose proprietors have "mapped" the bloggers in the state.

I want to point out that TSL earned FSC's coveted "sort of like media matters for cave-dwellers" endorsement. (Personal to Free State Comment: Some of us haven't even discovered caves yet.) Pillage Idiot was mentioned in the over-inclusive and somewhat vague category of "some are painful to read, and others are funny, and some are interesting on occasion."

I should point out here for the benefit of the left wing of the Maryland blogosphere that the Maryland Blogger Alliance does not discriminate on the basis of political orientation. Sure, we're a little one-sided at the moment, but then again, we have only five members. If you don't mind "sullying" yourself by association, and if you're generally SFW, you are welcome to join us. Please e-mail me at pillageidiot -at- hotmail -dot- com.