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July 27, 2005

Still more signs

For American kids whose parents unreasonably make them keep kosher, the attraction of a kosher McDonald's is indescribable. There are a handful in Israel, and this became a running joke (at least for the adults in our three families) for the two weeks of our trip. Here is the kosher McDonald's in the Ben Gurion airport.

I guess McDonald's requires its signs to be in English, which is really too bad. There's so much Hebrew in Israel that is simply a transliteration of English in Hebrew letters, and it's a stitch to read it out loud. It's a little tricky, because Hebrew, as written, typically doesn't use vowels. Mrs. A was in a grocery reading these transliterations out loud to figure out what the products were, and she says she got a lot of stares from the Israelis. Here's a restaurant in Jerusalem called "Aroma Espresso Bar." The words are not Hebrew equivalents; they are literally aroma, espresso, and bar. (And, yes, I know that espresso is not really English at all.)