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July 01, 2005

Crappy little blog

[EDITOR'S NOTE (8/17): I wrote this on 8/16, when I was tired and cranky. I'm still tired and cranky but less so, and I've decided to bury this post by changing the date so it doesn't sit out there at the top. At some point, I may decide to delete it.]

So after 10 months of running a crappy little blog, I'm blessed with a visitor named Jay who tells me, in essence, that I have a crappy little blog, and that I'm an "idiot[,] dude." Like, duh, dude! You figured that out, huh? Is that how you got your job at BNA, a major legal publisher? Dude, you spent your afternoon searching on Yahoo for The Mandates: 25 Real Rules For Successful Gay Dating, and you found my post (in which I quote some guy's letter about the book) all the way down at search result number 96. Don't you have anything better to do with your workday, dude?

Anyway, your mother should have taught you that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. I mention this breach of Emily Post etiquette (even if a blogger talks about how pathetic his own blog is, it's rude to agree) but really, if you're so smart, why do you use your employer's computer to leave your gratuitous rudeness-droppings at someone else's site? I'm one of the nice guys in the blogosphere, and I'll just make fun of you for doing that, but dude, here's some free advice: There are a lot of SOBs out here who would think nothing of reporting you to your employer. You do realize that you're leaving your IP address and your employer's name all over the place, dude?

Finally, you ask, "What is this? 'Mad' magazine for Jews?" The answer is No. Mad magazine itself was Mad magazine for Jews. But thanks for the compliment, unintended though it may have been.