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July 22, 2005

Message from Jerusalem: Not so fast!

Attila here.

Just checking in from Jerusalem to find that B2 and fee simple have done a wonderful job in my absence, especially B2, who's posted more than I had reason to expect, all great stuff. I can't thank them enough. I'll bet my readers are going to wonder whether it's "good for the Jews" when I come back.

B2 is a little off on my return date. I'm actually scheduled back late Monday night, the 25th. B2 and fee simple are welcome to keep posting -- or not, as they choose. I'm sitting at a pay terminal in my hotel, a couple of hours before shabbat, and there's no way for me to upload photos. I do hope to have a few for you next week. It's been an amazing trip.

Anyway, like it or not, I'm back next week. Again, my thanks to my guest-bloggers.

-- Attila