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July 08, 2005

Reminder from Allah

"Allah" makes one of his rare appearances to remind us that journalists often don't look into the background of their sources, so when certain Muslim sources are quoted, it's advisable to use internet resources to find out more about them.

Remember this?

One of Allah's finer moments. So many people read it and complained that Loseweek ended up retracting its description of jihadi cheerleader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi as a "moderate."

I mention it because the advice I gave then is just as good now after today's bombings. Over the coming weeks, you'll hear names and organizations mentioned that you haven't heard before. Whenever possible, run those names through the LGF and MEMRI search engines. As the Loseweek incident demonstrates, when it comes to terrorism, journalists often are either ignorant of their subjects' backgrounds and unwilling to conduct basic research or they're not ignorant but unwilling to run the full story because it doesn't serve their agenda. Whatever the reason, if you want context you'll have to find it yourself.
An example:
I saw at least one left-wing blog this morning trumpeting the fact that the Muslim Council of Britain "utterly condemns" today's attacks. Good to know. But read LGF's posts on the MCoB and the picture gets a little gloomier. In particular, Allah recommends the post titled, "Muslims Boycott Holocaust Remembrance."
If we make the reasonable but obviously unproven assumption that the perpetrators of the London bombings were home-grown (as opposed to Saudi imports, like the folks who brought us September 11), it's going to be very interesting to see how the British handle the matter.

UPDATE (7/10): At least for now, it looks as if they may have been home-grown.