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March 05, 2007

The two Attilas

Not long after I started Pillage Idiot, I got an e-mail from Little Miss Attila, a blogger based in California. We had posted comments on the same post at protein wisdom, and she was concerned that we could be confused.

Actually, she was concerned about more than that. Apparently, shortly before that, two bloggers who had similar or identical names had been engaged in a major knockdown battle over it, and I guess she was worried that two Attilas could be one too many -- specifically that I might cause her trouble. I told her that I had researched the name Pillage Idiot before I'd started this venture but that it had never occurred to me that I should research the name Attila. I told her not to worry about me, and I announced our understanding about how not to be confused with each other; I started referring to her as my "cousin" (which is a joke, by the way; we're not related); and we've just had our second sort-of-annual lunch at the end of the CPAC convention, which she's attended.

To commemorate the event, we have a photo. You'll have to excuse the pixellation of my face; I have to retain some semblance of anonymity here. People who know me would say it's an improvement.

This is probably the most you're going to see of me, so enjoy the tie. And the first person who knocks my tie is going to have to go into rehab.

UPDATE: Little Miss Attila chimes in.