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November 17, 2004

My long-lost cousin

I received an e-mail from a blogress (James Taranto's term) who blogs under the name "Little Miss Attila." We had both posted at protein wisdom, and she was concerned that there might be some confusion because of our names.

We discussed it and seem to have concluded that:

(1) on our own blogs, there was no likelihood of confusion;

(2) when we post at other blogs, she will post as "Attila Girl" or "Miss Attila," and I will post as "Attila" or possibly "Pillage Idiot";

(3) she would remain on the West Coast and I would remain on the East Coast;

(4) she would be a woman and I would be a man;

(5) she would be a real blogger and I would remain something of a hack;

(6) she would have lots of blogger friends in various alliances and I would be a pathetic lone gunman; and

(7) we both would be ignored by Glenn Reynolds (although I once received a return e-mail from him that read in its entirety, and I swear I'm not making this up, "Heh.").

So thanks, Cuz', for being so easy to get along with, and welcome to my dysfunctional family.

I've added you to my blogroll, without any expectation that you would feel the urge to reciprocate (wink, nudge). I can't promise you any traffic, but you California folks have enough traffic already.