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September 27, 2006

Two plaudits for me?

On the sidebar, under "Plaudits for Pillage Idiot," I've quoted some of my detractors. But I've recently had two real plaudits, and, as plauditee, I want to thank the plauditors.

First, Stephanie Dray, a liberal Maryland blogger, has included Pillage Idiot on her list of "top ten Maryland blogs about politics." I think the other members of the Maryland Blogger Alliance deserve this honor more than I do,* but I still appreciate the thought. Especially since I'm on the list above Oliver Willis, who must be really steamed right about now. And I feel just a little bit sheepish, because not long before I discovered this list, I (gently) poked fun at a comment by Stephanie at Crablaw.

Second, AbbaGav, an Israeli blogger whose humor I admire, has nominated my post about Jeffrey Rosen for the weekly vote at Watcher of Weasels. Thanks for that honor.


* Stephanie did include MBA members monoblogue and Crablaw.