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September 27, 2006

Do-it-yourself anti-motivational posters

There are quite a few folks out there on the "internets" who have too much time on their hands. And I'm glad they do.

Thanks to the folks at The Jawa Report, I've discovered this do-it-yourself poster-creater. You've all seen the motivational posters that business used to give out to employees before they were mercilessly mocked by Dilbert? (I don't even know that this is true about Dilbert, and I think the posters are still given out, but my point is surely fake but accurate.) Well, there are also anti-motivational posters, and now there's a site that lets you create your own.

Here are two of mine.

To see some other folks' posters, click the Jawa Report link above. If you have one you want to display here, send it to me by email. Must be SFW.