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September 29, 2006

Liberal thought

I mean this seriously when I say that some of my best friends are liberals. If you have Jewish friends, you just can't avoid the odds. With my friends, unlike so many liberals I've encountered, we can tactfully avoid contentious political issues to maintain our friendship, and with my friends, you simply couldn't hope to find nicer, more decent people.

As I've said, though, you often find when encountering liberals in the human zoo that their political anger dominates their life. If you were to mention, for example, that you had a business trip planned to Texas, you would not be surprised to hear an explosion of rage against Texans, George Bush, oil companies, people who go to church, and so on. All of which is relevant only because you happened to mention that you're traveling on business to Texas.

Alcibiades, one of the writers at Kesher Talk and the proprietor of her own blog Abracadabrah, has a delightfully amusing example of this phenomenon today. She was looking at earrings at Amazon and checked the reviews of one pair to see whether there were any comments about quality. The commenter had an excellent liberal reason not to buy them. Guess first and then click here.

I especially enjoyed the "conscious" blooper. And they say we're dumb.

UPDATE (9/30): Edited, removed long quotation, substituted another link.