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September 28, 2006


When your referrer logs show Google searches for "Jeanine Pirro naked" and "Jeanine Pirro bathing suit," you just know something is up.

Before I had a chance to check my news sources, Soccer Dad had emailed me with a tip: a New York Times article headlined "Pirro Under Investigation Over Plan to Tape Husband." He commented: "It doesn't really bother me what two adults do in the privacy of their own home. Tape, rope, electric cords, handcuffs, whatever floats their boats."

And boats it seems to be.

Jeanine Pirro, the Republican Westchester (NY) District Attorney, formerly a candidate for Hillary's senate seat and now a candidate for state Attorney General, is a moron of the highest order. I wrote about her once before ("Italian husbands") and I won't repeat myself here.

Pirro is now under federal investigation for a plot to conduct illegal wiretapping of her husband. A key player: The famous Bernard Kerik, who withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Homeland Security in light of alleged financial improprieties. According to the article Soccer Dad sent me, Pirro allegedly "asked an old friend, former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik, to bug her family boat to determine if her husband was having an affair at a time when she was preparing to run for top political office." Today, the Times reported that Pirro played the sex card:

At her news conference on Wednesday, Ms. Pirro acknowledged that she was angry with Mr. Pirro, who fathered a child in an extramarital affair in the 1980’s, and with whom Ms. Pirro has two children. But she said she was guilty only of the anger of a woman scorned. And she also said her political fate should be a matter of concern to women.
Pirro added: "I'm standing up for myself and I'm standing up for women." That sounds about right, wouldn't you say?

Here are some excerpts from a conversation between Pirro and Kerik that was caught on law enforcement wiretaps of Kerik, who later pleaded guilty to accepting illegal gifts:
Mrs. Pirro (on placing a bug on a boat): "We can just simply say if there is an issue that I am redecorating it for our anniversary."

Kerik: "But, Jeanine, I'm having the same ----- problem with everybody. Everybody is panic-stricken because it's you. I've gone out on a limb. I had two other people looking at this. It's a problem."

Pirro: "What am I supposed to do, Bernie? . . . I can go on the boat. I'll put the ---- thing on myself."
I'm pretty sure those dashes stand for the adjectival "-ing" form of the F-word.

As I mentioned in my post "Italian husbands," Pirro withdrew from the Lt. Governor's race 20 years ago to avoid messing with her Italian husband. Now, she won't withdraw from the Attorney General's race . . . despite messing with her Italian husband. What a mess!

UPDATE: Rudy cancels a fundraiser for her, but Pataki is a substitute -- if you count beaming himself in by satellite.