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May 07, 2006

The REAL anthem scandal

All you guys out there whining about some Spanish version of the national anthem? Just shut up. Here's a real scandal. The Mets thought they could create a new team song. This has "new Coke" written all over it.

I've been to one game this year, and it wasn't played. And actually, I haven't watched too many games on TV, either. I prefer to follow the team with internet updates. So when I read this at MetsBlog, I had to follow the link to find the new song. (Click to the right of "Mets' new song: 'Our Team. Our Time.'")

Now, I was never a fan of "Meet the Mets," either the original version or the jazzed up one, but this is so bad I'd trade it for New Coke in an instant. Here are the lyrics. Glad to hear it was booed at Shea.

The song I really liked was one they played on the Mets' radio station in the mid-60s, when the Mets were losing well over 100 games a year. The part I remember went like this: "When Met fans yell, 'Go!'/What they mean we all know/They've got no place to go/But UP!"