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May 07, 2006

One morning in Patrick Kennedy's dry cleaning establishment

Customer: "Can you get this stain out? I had an accident with --"

Patrick Kennedy: "An accident?! I'm sick of being mocked about --"

Customer: "Wait! I'm not mocking you. All I'm saying is that I spilled some mayo on my sleeve and --"

Patrick Kennedy: "Mayo?! Making fun of me because I'm checking in to the clinic at --"

Customer: "Clinic? All I . . . well, forget about my sleeve. OK? I've also got two rugs that --"

Patrick Kennedy: "Two drugs?! That is just so low!"

Customer: "I said 'two rugs.'"

Patrick Kennedy: "Well, all right, then. Let me get your name here."

Customer: "Finnegan."

Patrick Kennedy: "Phenergan?!"

Customer: "Oh, Jeez, never mind. Just call me, uh, 'Goldberg' or something."