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May 31, 2006

Brookline votes to impeach

The Town of Brookline, outside Boston, has voted to impeach the President, and when I say the President, I don't mean the President of Harvard, who has resigned, in any event. I mean President Bush.

Jonathan Margolis, who sponsored the article, repeated the embittered claims of the left that Bush lied to the nation and picked and chose which laws his administration would obey.

Margolis was forced to defend his proposal against detractors who suggested he was pushing beyond the bounds of Town Meeting authority.

"While I understand your sincerity and patriotism," Margolis told one opponent, "I respectfully suggest you go back and read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States."
OK, I've read them, and you're right. The Constitution says, and I quote, "a Majority of the Persons attending any town Meeting, even in a Town where only limousine Liberals may live, shall have the Power to Impeach the President or any Head of an Executive Department."

Oh, yeah: Paging Tony Snow! Best line in the article: "Reached last night, a White House spokeswoman declined to comment." (via Fark)

UPDATE: This guy was there at the meeting and sponsored an alternative censure resolution.