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November 22, 2004


I've been taking a beginning yoga class. Actually, this is the third beginning class I've taken; you can't just progress to the next level after one set of classes.

I came home yesterday and mentioned to Mrs. Attila, who's taken quite a bit more yoga than I, that some of the positions and methods are easier for men and some are easier for women. She retorted that yoga positions were invented by men. I said, OK, then why (and I'd like to be delicate about this) do you, if you're a man, have to, uh, rearrange body parts for some yoga activities? My class typically has 5 or 6 students and the teacher, all of whom are women, except me. Yesterday, we had 5 or so extra students, all of whom were women. I just plant myself on the side of the room and hope no one notices.

I realize that there are some yoga activities that require more upper body strength than the average woman has. Being able to do them when the others in my class can't doesn't exactly provide a lot of satisfaction. But at least they don't involve, uh, well, never mind.