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November 22, 2004

More hidden Jews

Thanks to Kesher Talk, I've been pointed to a comment at Roger L. Simon that I had missed. Like my evidence for the hidden Jewish vote, this is anecdotal but very telling. I will quote the relevant part.

Roger, on another very interesting note concerning the Jewish vote? I just returned from a business/trade gathering and did some homework for you. I talked to 38 fellow Jews, mostly from Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. (in other words Northeast Establishment Jews) and all were willing to answer my questions about their vote. The following is who they voted for in 2000 and 2004. Amazing, here it is...

Bush 6
Gore 30
Nader 2

Bush 18
Kerry 19
Nader 1


All but 3 were somewhat discreet about it and did not "chest beat" in public about it (2 were more enthusiastic then I). I think your "secret source" is not only right, but from the above I actually believe the shift was even stronger in some of the "I-95 Terror Corridor". Now this group was decidedly male and businessmen, but I think if we ever truly dig to the bottom we will find a very big shift in support of historical proportions. I believe Bush indeed lost much support among fiscal libertarians, paleo conservatives, and others, but he more than made up such losses with "War On Terror Neo-cons" and "Big Government Social Conservatives". Roger I am truly take aback by the numbers, amazing. I take great heart from this.

Here's what I get out of this anecdote: Jewish Bush voters are "discreet." The incident occurred about a week after the election, after the time when my Jewish Bush voters started "coming out" to me. So, as I've said, I can't prove that the exit polls under-counted Jewish Bush supporters, but I think the anecdotal evidence is beginning to pile up.