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November 03, 2004

Liberal Jews for Bush

As I just noted below, we'll never know what the true Jewish vote for Bush was. But I expect that even the exit polls will show a decent increase from 2000. Given the size of the Bush victory in Ohio and Florida, and the Bush loss in California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland, where the largest populations of Jews are found, I realize that Jews weren't responsible for Bush's victory. To me, it's still an important event.

I have complained many times (and I'm sure I will complain again) about voting patterns of liberal Jews, but I am sure that the increase in the Jewish vote for Bush this year could not have occurred without liberal Jews. Since I'm a Jewish conservative, this is an appropriate time for me to express my personal gratitude and admiration for liberal Jews who made what must have been an extremely difficult decision emotionally. I appreciate how much Ed Koch, for example, did on behalf of Bush's re-election bid, and I admire the strength and courage of the less known liberal Jews (many of whom have been chronicled by Judith Weiss at Kesher Talk) who braved the sneers, anger, and possibly worse, of friends, relatives, and strangers.

Despite our differences on some issues, we have come together as American Jews on the most important issue -- electing the candidate who is best for this country. I hope we will be able to continue voting together in the future.