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November 06, 2004

Jewish Left: "Pass the Kool-Aid!"

(I wrote this post on Friday morning, but Blogger was down, so I had to wait till tonight. No matter; it's not stale yet.)

Gratitude is an important Jewish value, which I try to live. So is visiting the sick, which, as you're about to see, is harder for me.

And now that the election is over, let's visit the sick American Jewish Left, which is in meltdown.

The Jerusalem Post reports (hat tip: Just Moi) that the Jewish left is "in mourning." (OK, a mixed metaphor; maybe we're making a shiva call.) The Post quotes one lovely leftist:

"People are incredibly depressed," said Dara Silverman, director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, a far-Left Jewish group in New York. "People are saying to me that this is like Germany in 1933 and what we need to be doing is building the opposition."
Snort!! Pardon me while I laugh at her misery. If she thinks the U.S. is an incipient Nazi government, she should hightail it out right away. But where will she go? North Korea?

And then there are those who demand that because their leftist views were soundly rejected in this election, Bush has an obligation to move leftward. Can't you understand that??!!! Marsha Atkind, president of the National Council of Jewish Women, wants Bush to cave on judicial appointments:
"We hope [Bush] will take this opportunity to reach out to all elements in this country and unite this country – and one way he can do that is make his judicial nominees moderate conservatives, not right-wing ideologues."
Yes, "moderate conservatives," like Justice Souter. Snort!! But the award for the weepiest leftist goes to....
Old-time Jewish left-wing activists, however, found little cause for joy. "I'm feeling impossibly dejected about what happened on Tuesday," said Gordon Fellman, a longtime left-wing social activist and professor at Brandeis University. "Everybody I knew was kind of in mourning on Wednesday. A former student of mine cried all day."
"The Democrats," he said, "are in disarray."
Well, I figured that as soon as I finished laughing about the misery of the Left, I would do a round-up on the Jewish vote and Jewish reaction, but fortunately, Judith has already done it. The best line Judith quotes is from Cathy Seipp's friend:

He got annoyed about the results from certain Florida counties, especially before Florida was called for Bush and we started to relax. "Bush could convert to Judaism, then complain about his colonoscopy over diet soda and knishes, and those old Jews still wouldn't vote for him."
Yeah, may onions grow in their navels! (A Yiddish curse.)