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March 25, 2008

Hillary returns from the Chappaqua 7-Eleven

Thanks for the link, Ace. I really feel like a moron now.

Hillary: When we drove up, we were nearly blinded by police lights flashing in the parking lot. We could hear sniper fire. In the distance were muffled explosions. Plumes of smoke beyond the hills were illuminated by the moon.

Hillary: They told us to keep down and make a run for it without stopping. I managed to slip in the door, safe but totally winded, but one member of the group took a nasty fall on the way before he body-rolled to the door, where we dragged him inside. I looked out one of the panel windows into the parking lot. Medics were carrying off a man who'd been hit, his limp arm dangling from the side of the stretcher.

Hillary: It was eerily quiet inside. Just then, sounds of gunfire erupted, and shattered glass was flying everywhere. I dived behind the beef jerky display.

Bill: Yeah, Hill, OK. But did you remember the Doritos and onion dip?

Video here at HotAir, with more here.