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November 19, 2008

The Pillage Idiot No-Markup Store

A while back, I told you I'd tried to set up a Pillage Idiot store with Cafe Press but didn't like the goods.

I've just tried again and have been a little more successful. Two products: a white teeshirt with a large Pillage Idiot Advisory System image on the front, and a large mug with a small PIAS image on the back with an excerpt from a particularly immature post of mine on the front, about a woman who was held for questioning because she lit matches on an airplane.

You can see the products at this link. I've ordered both the products for myself to make sure they don't suffer from excessive suckitude. And I'm happy to report that the suckitude level is only Code Yellow.

When I say "no markup," I mean that you can buy them at Cafe Press's base price. I make nothing on the deal -- zero, zip, nada. I've often said I don't want to make money at Pillage Idiot, which is why I have no ads and why, now, I have no markup.

If you have any requests for new designs, feel free to email me about your ideas.

UPDATE: In case you want to see the images, I'm including them here. The large PIAS is roughly 6-1/2 by 10. This is a shrunken version of the image I used.

The front of the mug looks like this: