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November 16, 2008

Carnival of Maryland -- 46th edition

Here we are with the 46th edition of the Carnival of Maryland, a project run by the Maryland Blogger Alliance but open to anyone living in or writing about Maryland.

Normally, when I host the Carnival, I start with the miscellaneous topics and work down to the political ones, on the theory that it prevents the non-political posts from becoming lost among the political posts, which tend to dominate. This time, however, politics seems to loom even larger, with the recent presidential election, so I'm going to bow to reality and start with politics.

This is a long post, so I'm putting the submissions below the fold. Click for more now.


mad anthony did his patriotic duty on Election Day, writing, "I voted!"

So did a 108-year-old woman in Gaithersburg, who, I noted, did not seem to think McCain was old and experienced enough. She voted for the even older guy, Ralph Nader.

At Common Sense, the Patriot Sharpshooter gives us a red-blue map of the country, by county. Quite interesting.

Will at Pour It On, Boys thinks that Obama has made quite a few campaign promises, and that he will have difficulty carrying them out.

Meanwhile, from the left side of our Maryland Blogger Alliance, The Ridger writes at The Greenbelt about waking up the morning after the election and feeling happy. Don't miss the gorgeous photo at the head of the post.

Joyce Dowling also says she's excited about the results, at Creating a Jubilee County.

Stephanie at Jousting for Justice is surprised to find herself weepy about voters who really want to vote, even if the outcome is all but certain.

In the aftermath, Kevin Dayhoff writes in The Tentacle about "The Incredibly Shrinking Republican Party."

Mike Netherland writes about Stupid Party "victories." That's the Republicans, by the way.

At Red Maryland, streiff argues that former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is not the best person to head the Republican National Committee.

Clark, writing on his non-Alliance blog ROTUS, discusses the congressional election in the First District, where Frank Kratovil, a Democrat, narrowly beat out Andy Harris in Wayne Gilchrest's old seat.

Maryland Politics Today says that Harris has conceded in this bitter race.

And Insane Baltimore has more on Kratovil and Harris in "City of Firsts sure took its time."

BaltoNorth posts that Baltimore County employees were offered a premium to act as election judges: election judge pay plus regular salary plus an extra vacation day. Nice job if you can get it.

Looking forward, as well as backward, Matt Johnston, of Going to the Mat, suggests that there's reason for Democrats to be concerned about a repeat of 1994, the mid-term election following the election of Bill Clinton with a Democratic Congress.

Money Blue Book takes time out from personal finance to argue for abolition of the electoral college, because, for folks like us in Maryland, our vote "does not count." As someone who's effectively disenfranchised by living in Montgomery County, I feel your pain, but in a close election, how do we deal with Florida 2000 in thousands of precints all across the country?

Call me juvenile, but I found this amusing: Psycho Phil tallies the site hits for certain political search terms.

Local Politics

Stan at blogger1947 wants to repeal the county's ban on private possession of stun guns, which he argues could be used in self-defense.

Zinzindor discusses the Ficker Amendment at Leviathan Montgomery. The amendment requires unanimity in the county council for certain tax increases.


Dave Wissing at The Hedgehog Report raises an issue I've been pondering myself: whether the recent post-election plunge in the stock markets is based on fear of Obama and Democratic control of Congress. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I noticed that the market was up 1450 points in six trading days before the election, at a time when the polls supposedly were tightening.

Brian Gill, at Annapolis Politics, complains about the secrecy accompanying the bailout, and in particular the refusal of the Fed to identify the recipients of emergency loans.

Michael, at monoblogue, writes about Pennsylvania's efforts to curtail use of electricity through mandates and the impact of similar ideas in Maryland.


For Veterans' Day, Greg at Baltimore Jewish posts a video interview with Eugene Resnicoff, a Jewish Baltimorean who fought in World War II.

Steve, at new member blog Steve Likes to Curse, has a Veterans' Day post (without curses) that concludes with a discussion of the final recorded combat death in World War I, an American named Henry Gunther.


Clark, of Clark's Picks, writes about trombonist Edward "Kid" Ory, who developed the "tailgate" style of playing, which, sadly, does not include barbecue and beer.


Once again, The Ridger provides us with beautiful nature photographs, this time of several different kinds of birds and red leaves on a gray morning.

Soccer Dad submits photos taken on a bike ride with his seven-year-old daughter and her friend.


That being said, I liked this post about an annoying phrase at new member blog, Boomer Twilight.

Local News

Julie gives us a round-up of local news along the Red Line at On the Red Line.

What's New in Maryland? Choosing a name for the Baltimore Aquarium's dolphin calf.


Oriole Post notes that the Orioles' season ticket prices are staying the same next year. Maybe Mr. Angelos has tapped another mother lode of asbestos cases.

Phil at Gunaxin submits a post of "random sports jersey" photos -- people wearing a jersey for a player who flopped or was on the team at the tail end of an otherwise good career. There's a discussion of our local Maryland team, the Redskins (of Landover).

Last, The Ridger makes an unexpected foray into American football, European "metric" football, Canadian football.


Well, that's all for today, folks. The 47th edition is scheduled for Sunday, November 30, and it will be hosted at monoblogue.

Send in your submissions by using the Blog Carnival form.