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November 11, 2008

Protocols of the President-Elect

Office of the President-Elect
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November 11, 2008


RE: Protocol for Press Meet-Ups with the President-Elect

The following rules will apply during any meet-up between the President-Elect and Accepted Media Subjects. They will be strictly enforced. Violations will result in subjects' classification as "unaccepted."

1. Prior to any meet-up, Accepted Media Subjects will leave their cell phones, pagers, blackberries, computer laptops, and other electronic devices with presidential security.

2. Meet-ups will begin PROMPTLY at the announced time, give or take 20 minutes. Accordingly, Accepted Media Subjects will be in their assigned seats no later than 30 minutes before the announced time.

3. Accepted Media Subjects will sit ONLY in their assigned seats.

4. There will be no talking while waiting for the arrival of the President-Elect.

5. When the President-Elect is about to enter the room, the meet-up organizer will announce his entrance, and the Civilian National Security Force Concert Band will play "Hail to the Chief-Elect."

6. The protocol for the entrance of the President-Elect is that all Accepted Media Subjects will stand at attention. One Accepted Media Subject will be designated in advance to ask the first question of the President-Elect, which will be in precisely these words: "Mr. President-Elect, the Accepted Media Subjects beseech you to permit them to be seated." No one may be seated until the President-Elect indicates that he so permits.

7. Questions for the President-Elect are to be asked by designated Accepted Media Subjects from the list of approved questions that will be distributed in advance.

8. Follow-up questions are not permitted.

9. The President-Elect will depart through the rear. He will walk down the aisle between the two sections where Accepted Media Subjects are seated. Accepted Media Subjects may indicate, by raising their list of approved questions in their right hand, that they wish to kiss the President-Elect's ring.

10. At the conclusion of the meet-up, an official summary of the answers from the President-Elect will be distributed to all Accepted Media Subjects, and all news stories must follow this official summary. Departures from the official summary will result in classification of the Accepted Media Subject and the Accepted Media Organ for which he or she works as "unaccepted."