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October 03, 2008

Barack Obama practices his wink

"Don't sell the American people short," [David] Axelrod told reporters after the debate. "I'm sure they liked Gov. Palin, but they need more than a wink and a smile."

Byron York, National Review Online,
Sarah Palin, the Winner by a Wink

Obama: Like this, then?

Axelrod: No, no. It looks like someone kicked sand in your eye. You can't appear weak.

Obama: OK, watch me now.

Axelrod: Still wrong. It's like your contact got stuck in your eyelid.

Obama: Wait, wait a minute. I've been studying the tapes. She did it almost exactly that way.

Axelrod: No, she didn't. And you gotta remember to smile when you do it. Smile!

Obama: OK, OK, OK. Let me try it again. "We can't afford four more years of the same failed Bush policies." [He winks and smiles.] "John McCain will break into your elderly mother's house, steal her wallet, urinate on her front door, and kick her dog on his way out." [He winks and smiles.]


Obama: What now?


Obama: You're giving me that look.


Obama: OK, I guess we're done with that exercise. Now, should I wear a black dress? David? David?