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August 27, 2008

Hillary's PUMAs get their roll-call vote

What follows is a partial transcript of the historic roll-call vote.


VOICE (coming over loudspeaker): . . . and Alabama gives 27 votes to Barack Obama. (Wild cheering.)

PUMA 1 (speaking into microphone): And 25 votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton!

VOICE: And 5 votes for Hillary Clinton. (Some cheering. A few female screams are heard.)

PUMA 1: No, no! It's 25 votes.

VOICE: What?

PUMA 1: 25 votes.

VOICE: I can't hear you.

PUMA 1: 25 votes for Hillary from Alabama.

VOICE: We'll straighten it out later.

DIFFERENT VOICE: The great state of Alaska gives 10 votes to Barack Obama, the next president of the United States. (Loud cheering.)

VOICE: Alaska has 10 votes for Barack Obama.

PUMA 2 (into microphone): And 3 votes for Hillary Clinton.

VOICE: What?

PUMA 3: She said Alaska has 3 votes for Hillary Clinton.

VOICE: I can't hear you.

PUMA 1: The acoustics in here are awful.

PUMA 2: The sound echoes all over.

PUMA 4 (shouting into microphone): Did you hear that? Alaska has 3 votes for Hillary?

VOICE: I still can't hear you.

(The sound of a toilet flushing.)

PUMA 3: Damn it, Brian! It's hard enough for them to hear us in here. Can't you wait?

PUMA 1: And there are women here, too.

BRIAN: Sorry. It was the coffee.