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July 17, 2008

Best of Pillage Idiot - IV

Mrs. Attila and I are off celebrating our upcoming 25th anniversary. Here are some blasts from the past. I hope you'll enjoy them a second time.

Today's Obama day. I really guessed wrong about him. A year ago, I assumed he was running to be Hillary's VP. So I didn't have a lot to say about him.

Last winter, I started out with a series called "If Barack Obama were Jewish, instead of the Second Coming of Jesus." Here's Part 4.

And some miscellaneous posts:

Barack Obama shows he's human

Top ten Obama bumper stickers

Barack Obama responds to the Gettysburg Address

Barack Obama's newest text on national security

My strange post about Barack and Michelle going on a blind date is very recent and should still be on the front page. Go there or click here.