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February 20, 2008

Barack Obama shows he's human

[Welcome, Lizardoid Minions. Feel free to check out the Pillage Idiot Cheat Sheet for other insanely infantile stuff.]

Scene at a recent speech by Barack Obama.....

Obama: "Gotta blow my nose here for a second." *


Obama: There! OK, now, as I was saying, uh, hold on . . . BWARRRRRRPPPP!!


Obama: Hmm, not bad. I can do "Dwight David Eisenhower the Third" in one belch, too. DWIGHTDAVIDEISENHOWERTHETHIRD.


Obama: Yeah, babeeee!! Now, let me move the mic a little lower . . . there! Pfffffftttt!!


Obama: That was the dog. At least, that's what I tell Michelle, because you know what kind of temper she has. Say, wanna hear me make armpit noises? BWAP, BWAP, BWAP!!


Obama: I can do both pits at one time, too. Under my knees, my chin . . . bwip, bwip, bwip!


Obama: Hey, wanna see me take a leak?

[Audience mutters loudly. Boos are heard.]

Obama: Hmmmmm, tough audience.

( * via HotAir)