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February 28, 2008

A photographic pillow

Hillary may be a complainer, but the press really does keep offering Obama a pillow. Latest example: Photos of the two, highlighted by Ace, who captions them "St. Obama, wreathed by opalescent Godlight" and "Hillary Clinton, as the walls sweat blood which forms a portrait of Satan/Karl Rove." You have to click on the link and see for yourself.

But I've come across another photo (this time of a former candidate) that really amused me, which I found in a publication of Obama's law school alma mater.

Former butler for Addams Family speaks at Harvard Law

I particularly loved the quotation on the photo: "'We only have about a ten-year window left to try to get this right,' he told students." Good old Lurch. Moving faster in the wrong direction, as always.