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February 19, 2008

The expert

Suppose someone googled you and the only thing of any consequence that came up under your name was a "science" question you'd posed -- about flatulence. Would you change your name?

Not if it was "Nayna Kumari," I wouldn't. Because that's a pretty cool name, and besides, I'd like to be considered something of an expert on flatulence.

The reason I ask is related to this: "How and why does the human body produce wind? What causes the odor of gas? asks Nayna Kumari, via e-mail." That's the opening of an article that goes on to analyze the flatulence situation, in a largely serious vein, except, perhaps, for its comment that people tend to blame the dog. However accurate that may be.

Earnestly, the article quotes a gastroenterologist, whom it identifies as an expert: "Dr. Michael Levitt, a gastroenterologist and flatulence expert in Minneapolis." Dr. Levitt is the kind of guy, after all, who's widely recognized as a flatulence expert, as in the following randomly selected article, which, by the way, I commend to your attention: "Flatulence expert defines 'normal' output rate."

Wouldn't you just love to be known as a flatulence expert? I'm sure Nayna Kumari would.