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April 02, 2007

Opening Day 2007

The Mets narrowly lost to the Cardinals in the seventh game of the National League Championship Series last fall, and the Cards, not the Mets, went on to the World Series and greater glory.

Last night, the Mets opened the 2007 season in St. Louis and had to watch the Cardinals receive their championship rings.

Then, the Mets proceeded to kick their butts, 6-1. Chris Carpenter is a great pitcher, but the Mets hit him hard. The Mets also kept Pujols and Rolen quiet and made several very slick fielding plays. A New York Times article about the game is here. Nice photo at the top, by the way, showing Paul LoDuca tagging David Eckstein out at the plate.

I didn't actually see much of the game. We were busy cleaning our kitchen and kashering it for Passover at the time, but we had the TV on in the next room.

Nice start to the season.

Quotation of the day: "'A lot of guys know what's coming,' Glavine said. 'I know they know it's coming.'" (via MetsBlog)