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April 29, 2007

Attention JIB Award visitors (Bumped)


Rather than keep my "Pillage Idiot cheat sheet" at the top, I'm going to stop bumping it. You can check it by clicking here. It's got links to a bunch of posts that you, as a new visitor, might want to read if you're thinking of voting for me, or even if you just want to get a feel for the blog.

I'm stopping here to keep this a short post, and I'll bump it to the top instead.

Sunday (final voting day) update: Today's the last day for voting in the first round. Since I'm in last place with 12 votes (my profound thanks to the 11 of you who voted for me), this is it for me. In case you haven't voted yet and feel like doing so, you might be able to move me ahead of the next two lowest ranking blogs, who have only 13 and 14 votes, not that I'm asking for your vote.

THURSDAY EVENING UPDATE: Thanks to several readers, I now have nine votes, one ahead of last place, one behind sixth place. Please read what I wrote in the previous update, not that I'm asking for your vote.

I've noticed, by the way, that in the Humor B and C groupings, there are a couple of people worse off than I am. I've also noticed that all the blogs labeled "MATURE" in the original nomination list are at or near the bottom. Maybe, contrary to my original thought on the matter, it was actually the kiss of death to be labeled. (On the other hand, it just could be that we "mature" blogs suck major eggs.)

WEDNESDAY EVENING UPDATE: I told you I wouldn't ask you to vote for me, and I won't, but as of right now, I'm in last (eighth) place, only two votes behind sixth place, and it wouldn't take much to avoid total humiliation, not that I'm asking for your vote.