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June 16, 2005

That isn't the Thames that stinks

If you've ever taken the London Underground during the summer, you know how hot and uncomfortable it can be. Now, the managing director of the Tube is asking Brits to use better personal hygiene during the summer months.

Tim O'Toole, managing director of London Underground, is asking passengers to be considerate of others stuck in the same sweltering carriages during summer months, without the benefit of air conditioning.

"I want to assure people that I only travel by the Tube and I always take a shower," O'Toole told a London radio station.

"But other than that I would certainly hope that during these summer months when it is very, very, warm and we are pressed very close together that to the extent people can practice personal hygiene it would help us."
What he means is, Listen up, you smelly Brits! Give yourselves a wash! You aren't Frenchies!