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June 04, 2005

Microsoft update

This may be old news to computer mavens, but the new operating system Microsoft is working on, codenamed Longhorn, has at least one improvement over Windows XP. It seems to have gone beyond the feared Blue Screen of Death (example here), which occurs during system crashes, and added to it . . .

You guessed it!

. . . a Red Screen of Death. What an improvement!

According to Microsoft techie and blogger Michael Kaplan, who has been experimenting with a Longhorn beta, as well as being confronted with the Blue Screen of Death, now users will also see red.

The Red Screen of Death appears to be the bigger, badder cousin to the traditional blue screen and is designed to let users know that a more serious error has occurred, Kaplan said.

Best line from Kaplan: "I am not sure I would class the change as an improvement."

UPDATE (6/5): If you can believe this, Microsoft says the RSOD is only temporary and will not be a part of Longhorn, when it's released. They always know just how to ruin things.