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June 06, 2005

A milestone

One of the great things about being a bottom-dwelling, no-budget, small-potatoes blogger is that nothing really matters. You do it for fun, whether there's anyone out there or not. In my case, if a handful of people come by and read my smartalecky comments about ridiculous news stories, that's probably more people than I'd offer those comments to in person. I can justify my existence to myself by writing a small number of serious posts, which the same handful of people will read, but on the whole it just doesn't matter.

It's easy, even for me, to get caught up in site traffic, but I'm not going to follow John Hawkins's 25 steps to increasing my visibility. I don't promise high-quality "content" or really any "content" at all. I'm not trying to make a buck by running ads or asking for tips. And if I did try to increase my visibility, I doubt I'd be successful, because if you looked up my Myers-Briggs results, you'd find someone for whom it's not easy to interact with other people. I try, but I'm not very good at it, and I can't pretend to be someone I'm not. In any event, getting lots of traffic is not why I'm here.

So all of this lets me revel in a pathetic milestone. On Friday, June 3, I finally broke 10,000 site visits, just under 8 months after starting this blog.

This averages out to about 1,250 hits a month. For many bloggers, 10,000 is a month or a couple of weeks of traffic. For the big boys, it might be a couple of hours. But for me, it's a milestone.

Of course, if you take into account that roughly a quarter of all my hits came from only two posts, and that an embarrassing number came from all the perverts who find me by searching for unnatural acts with certain animals, which plays off a joke in the title to an old post of mine, that puts my milestone in even greater perspective. (I do want to point out that only a few hits are from me, because I figured out early how not to record my own visits.)

So if you're reading this, consider yourselves part of an elite, which by my definition means "a small number." But it's a small number of people I'm very glad are here. Thank you.