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May 03, 2005

The Washington Post and Governor Ehrlich

I doubt I'll ever have to write again about the Baltimore Sun and Governor Ehrlich, because Soccer Dad has another great post, this time focusing on the coverage of the Governor by the Washington Post.

My only quibble is that, if anything, he's too generous to the Post.

And as we know, in eighteen months the Post will be endorsing a candidate for Governor of Maryland and we know that that candidate will not be Robert Ehrlich. Of course for that endorsement to have meaning the Post will have to demonstrate that is coverage of the governor has been fair and above board. So far it has failed miserably. It was perfectly willing to publish damaging information about the governor but has refused so far to follow up on publicly available information that might be exculpatory. It also has failed to investigate the possibility that one of its staffers carelessly released information to the staff of one Governor Ehrlich's rivals giving that rival a political boost. Until the Post comes to terms with its selective coverage of the governor, its endorsement in November 2006 will mean nothing.
In my own jaundiced view, the Post's endorsement will mean nothing, no matter what it does.