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May 24, 2005

The cucumber people go limp

Sorry about the post title, but the Montgomery County Board of Ed has voted to change its sex-ed curriculum -- by getting rid of the offending teacher resource materials that take sides in the religious dispute about homosexual behavior and by dropping the infamous condom-on-a-cucumber instructional video.

If you haven't been following this story, you probably think I'm kidding.

Montgomery County school board members voted last night to overhaul the system's disputed sex education curriculum and will begin by tossing out teacher resource materials that drew fire from two community groups and a federal court judge.

The board also said it would not use a seven-minute video for 10th-graders that showed how to put on a condom and would reconstitute a citizens advisory committee to help oversee the rewriting process. A 27-member citizen committee had helped oversee a previous rewrite.

* * * * *
The board's vote last night means that Maryland's largest school district will rethink its approach to discussing homosexuality with eighth- and 10th-graders.

According to the resolution, which member Valerie Ervin voted against, the curriculum will be rewritten by professional educators and consultants. The citizens advisory committee also will be consulted and review the changes. The board will consider the revisions next school year.
Oh, peachy! It's going to be written by professional educators and consultants! If there's anything worse than a committee of the Board of Ed, it's that.