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March 06, 2007

Life imitates protein wisdom

Just a few days ago, Jeff Goldstein had an amusing post about offsets for "personal methane production," which I noted here.

Today, National Geographic News reported on the same subject: "New Weapon Against Warming: 'Flatulence Cards' Offset Dog, Human Emissions." (via Fark)

For 35 Australian dollars (about 27 U.S. dollars), customers of Sydney-based Easy Being Green can offset a year's worth of carbon emissions linked to their dogs, from trips to the vet to, yes, breaking wind.

Making your cat carbon neutral for a year costs U.S.$6, while U.S.$16 offsets two years of flatulence from that special someone.
Sadly, the article doesn't provide the cost for making human emissions carbon-neutral. I expect it will be fairly low, since most people blame it on the dog, anyway.