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March 27, 2007

Dog to the rescue?

A few days ago, I asked whether dogs are conservative. You know, "dogs tend to be loyal, extroverted, optimistic, and firm in their defense of the person they live with. Cats, not so much."

Today, I'm going to ask whether dogs are capable of doing the Heimlich maneuver and saving a life.

Before you conclude that I've totally lost my mind -- in case you haven't already concluded that a long time ago -- read this article from the AP. And in case you still doubt my sanity, read the longer version of the article here. (This story took place in Calvert, Maryland, by the way.)

I found out about the story at HotAir, and before you finish, you should read the comments over there. My personal favorite: "Everytime my dog meets another dog, he does the hind lick maneuver."