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August 01, 2006

Mahmoud and Hassan settle their disagreement

I mentioned yesterday that I had written a photo comic with Nasrallah and Ahmedinejad that I had consigned to the circular file because the way things have been going in the war, it wasn't funny. It still isn't terribly funny, but maybe I'm just too discouraged and negative. A few others, I've noticed, don't seem to have trouble laughing through the tsuris.

So I've edited it and placed it in the extended entry for people who have the urge to look. Don't blame me if you click on the "Click here" link.

Hi, I'm Thomas Ellers. Did you know that Senator Feingold read from . . .

Shut up, Jew! That is, like, so totally not funny.

It is a searing social commentary on . . .


You do not seem to appreciate my understanding of the American scene. You do not value my ability to spoon-feed the American media what we want them to see. You do not . . .

You do not seem to understand how thoroughly you f---ed up the timing of this battle.

Ah, but I have the Americans in the palm of my hand. Even that Zionist pig Bush is feeling the heat. I have their former President, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, spouting our views in national media. I have . . .

Jimmy F---ing Carter? I kicked his butt across the room when I was 17. No American gives half a crap what he says.

I have the most sympathetic American mother on my side attacking the Zionists. She is the one that the temptress Dowd said had absolute moral authority. She has organized a fast in support of our brethren in Iraq . . .

A fast? Fool! Do you permit coffee with ice cream during Ramadan? The Zionist pigs know she is a fraud. Only idiots support her, slobbering cretins who have convinced themselves that we are on their side.

CNN does our bidding. They film what we show them. They go where we lead them. They report what we tell them. In Qana, they lapped up our story of Zionist treachery without so much as questioning how the building collapsed eight hours after the Zionists hit it or how the bodies we dug up were stiff as a board a mere two hours after the collapse.

Jew monkey! Your dog and pony show has collapsed faster than the building. Had you no blood to pour on the bodies? Not even ketchup?

The nations of the West have rallied against the Zionists. Though we have suffered losses, if one -- but one -- of us remains, we have found glorious victory.

That one will not be you. In the name of Allah, prepare to meet your fate!


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