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February 09, 2006

Blogger lunch

It's a little hard to meet other people when you're anonymous. (Not as hard as when you're totally fictitious, which I'm not, but hard nonetheless.) Meeting other people sort of defeats the purpose of being anonymous.

Unless, of course, the other people are willing to go with the program. I've managed to meet my fellow Maryland blogger Soccer Dad on a couple of occasions, and he even made a shiva call at my house last month. But publicly, for him, I'm still plain old Attila at Pillage Idiot.

Today, I had lunch with the lovely and charming Little Miss Attila, my pretend "long-lost cousin," who's in Washington, blogging at the CPAC conference. (I'm anonymous, and our family relationship is fictitious. How does that work?) She was so delightful that I even agreed to let her take my photograph, which she says she'll pixilate appropriately. I assume that means I'll look like I'm in the witness-protection program. Which is fine with me. But I wonder what I'd look like if the photo were pixilated inappropriately.

And for those of you who were worrying about it, I can report that she has almost completely recovered from her recent encounter with the medical profession.