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February 22, 2006

Geezer pin-up calendar

There are few things I'd want more, if I were a woman, than a photo calendar featuring middle-aged and older members of the Sheboygan County Home Builders Association wearing less than the usual complement of clothing.

Ivan Nagode posed wearing an apron and a chef's toque.

Mike Mrdjenovich stripped down to his golf shorts, gripped a driver and took aim at a golf ball teed up in his buddy's teeth.

Mike Wiltzius covered up with a snorkel, towel and flippers and cozied up to a fish aquarium.
Oh, and there's this photo, too, of Mr. Nagode.

Why? you ask.
"I'm kind of a fun-loving guy," said Nagode, 69. "I figured this is not gonna hurt any."
Next up, a calendar with members of the Sheboygan County Plumbers Association, showing rear views as they squat or bend over. No cracks about it, please.

(via Fark)