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April 25, 2008

Mets botch an easy one

Last night, I had a chance to see my first game at the new Nationals' Park in Washington. The Mets were in town, and since I'm a fan, I took a friend for his birthday, along with my sons. This photo is taken from the plaza in left-center field, where you arrive if you come in from the Metro.

I bought the tickets online about two weeks ago. Although it turned out there were many empty seats at the game, for some reason the only seats they would sell me two weeks ago were up in the Goodyear blimp, if you know what I mean. At least I had a partial view of the Capitol dome.

It seemed as if most of the people there were Mets fans, at least up in the Mets Ghetto, where I was sitting in nosebleed territory. Whenever the few Nats fans would start a cheer, we'd shout them down. My own contribution was to shout, "Boring! Boring!" We used to do this in college, when the other school's marching band was performing at half-time. This, I want you to know, is called highly mature behavior.

The seats may have been in the stratosphere, but they were otherwise not too bad. For example, if you wanted an aerial, bird's eye view of the Carlos Delgado shift, we were in exactly the right location. This is a picture from the fifth inning, showing the infielders on the right side of the diamond. (The third baseman was slightly to the left of second base.) Delgado grounded into a fielder's choice at second base -- 6-5, shortstop to third baseman. Seriously. (Considering Delgado's hitting below the Mendoza Line these days, the whole shift is a waste of time.)

The worst thing about the seats was that people kept coming and going, forcing the folks in front of us to stand and block our view.

The Mets blew a 3-run lead with abysmal pitching and failed to catch up with lackluster hitting. Totally pathetic. But we saw Felipe Lopez hit a grand slam for the Nats. Yes, THE Felipe Lopez. (Earlier this week, the Mets gave up a grand slam homer to THE Ronny CedeƱo of the Cubs.)

Here are reports on the game from Yahoo and MetsBlog. I can't stomach any further description myself.