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April 14, 2008

Er, make that a FOURTH World city

From the Department of Can't Possibly Be True:

The "Mayor" of Baltimore doesn't have the paperwork to be mayor, because she asked Gov. O'Malley to swear her in, instead of the Circuit Court Clerk, who traditionally performs the honors. So the Clerk, a fellow named Frank Conaway, won't place his seal on the "certificate of incumbency" that attests to "Mayor" Dixon's status. After all:

"The only way I'm going to attest to anything like that is if she comes in and I swear her in," Conaway said. "I can't attest to something I didn't do."
Just a little fracas, you say? Not really. "Mayor" Dixon can't sign off on a bond deal, because she can't really prove she's "Mayor."

If she's not "Mayor," then we need to cut off all state funding STAT, I would say.

And a bonus story: "In an unrelated story (or not), Conaway’s home has been burglarized three times since October."